Quiltmas Spectacular

Have you heard of the Quiltmas Spectacular that’s happening right now?
It’s 12 days of Quiltmas blocks!

Final Touch by @theweekendquilter

We’re at Day 7 of the Quiltmas Spectacular and today’s block, Final Touch, is designed by the super talented Wendy of @the.weekendquilter! We’ve created a custom @PreQuilt digial coloring page to help you visualize your favorite color choices.

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Cinnamint by @satterwhitequilts

We’ve teamed up with Stefanie to build her a custom PreQuilt digital coloring page for Cinnamint to help you visualize your color choices!.

Colour This Block


PreQuilt is a web based application to help you design your next quilt. All you need is a modern browser and internet connection and you're ready go. It works on your laptop, desktop, smart phone, or tablet but we recommend using it on devices with larger screens like a desktop/laptop. Scroll through the carousel below to see all the features.

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Import Fabric

Imagine you are at the fabric store and you find this stunning fabric but you are not sure how it will look with your quilt design. Simply take a photo of the fabric and import it to PreQuilt to audition it while you are at the store. This is a great way to test before you buy.


Look what PreQuilt can do! We've collaborated with talented designers to convert their designs to fun colour pages. Pick a pattern and add your own style to it.

Magic Quad

Create beautiful mirrored designs using the Magic Quad. The Magic Quad uses the blocks from the North West quadrant to fill the other quadrant while mirroring it.


Colour Tags is an efficient way to change colours as well as a fun way to randomize the colours. The diagram illustrates how the white trangles are linked to a Colour Tag called "A". So when you change the Colour Tag to a different colour all the shapes that are linked to this Colour Tag will change as well.

Experimenting with colours is easy with Colour Tags. When you change the colour value of the Colour Tag (A), all shapes that are linked to the Colour Tag will change. While editing a Colour Tag, you can rollover the swatches to quickly see how each colour will look. When you find a colour you like just click and it will update the Colour Tag "A". Any shape that is linked to Colour Tag "A" will then update.

Randomize your Colours

Whether you need help with colour suggestions or you just want to be suprised, you should try the Randomize Colour. When you click that paint bucket button, PreQuilt will go through all the Colour Tags and randomly assign a new colour. This means that any shape that is linked to a Colour Tag will automatically update. Too much magic? Need more control? PreQuilt is helpful but we want to make sure you are always the director. This means you can control which Colour Tag gets randomize by locking the Colour Tag. You can even create your own custom pallette for the color randomizer to draw from.

If you have any questions about this feature please write to us at hello@prequilt.com

Fabric Calculator

We've built a free calculator to help with the math. The calculator produces a helpful visualization to let you know how many yards you need.



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